Community Recycling Event

Old Jack-O-Lanterns ready for proper recycling and composting

Recycling is a great way to save resources and reduce your imprint on this fragile planet. Did you know that it is illegal in the state of Illinois to dispose of electronics in the general landfill? And did you know the best way to dispose of your jack-o-lantern after Halloween is to compost it? Yes, […]

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Attend an Open House at Carol Stream’s Water Reclamation Facility

Pumpkins in the foreground of a hayride outside a Water Reclamation Facility

The Carol Stream Water Reclamation Center cordially invites its residents to attend an open house. We know what you’re thinking: “An open house at a water reclamation facility? Why would I want to attend that?” As odd as it may sound, the experience promises to be fun, educational, and a great community event. Read on […]

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Keep Your Apartment Cool and Save Money With These 3 Tips

Trying to beat the heat in your apartment? Summer heat can be killer, but with these helpful tips you and your friends can keep your Carol Stream luxury apartments cool all season long. Ceiling Fans – Make use of your ceiling fans. The fan will circulate the cool air, mixing it with the warmer air […]

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