Celebrate the 4th of July in Carol Stream

A man on stilts dressed as Uncle Sam carries a large US flag and waves to the crowd during the Penfield town 4th of July event Independence Day parade.

Fireworks, Family and Fun! Why wait until nightfall for 4th of July festivities?  This year we’re celebrating America all day long in Carol Stream with amazing food, great neighbors and lots of fun! Come out and join us for the festivities near our stylish apartment community. The festivities kick off at 10:00 a.m. with the annual […]

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Try a Bento Box at Sushi Ukai

Japanese Combination Bento box with Chicken Teriyaki, Sushi, Tempura and California Rolls

If you’ve never enjoyed a bento box before, you’re really missing out. Bento boxes are basically the lunch boxes of Japanese cuisine. Packed with an array of dishes, from cooked veggies to seasoned meats, they’re like flavorful combination platters that will satisfy your taste buds and your appetite at lunchtime or even dinner time. And […]

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