Enjoy Amazing Barbecue at Steamboat BBQ

Pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Close up

Tucked away in suburban Carol Stream is a barbecue gem that you won’t want to miss. If you seek smoky, meaty goodness, then a stop at Steamboat BBQ is a must.


The Atmosphere

Steamboat is everything you want from a proper barbecue joint–no frills, no fancy décor, just a place that lets their amazing food do the talking for them.

The classic red and white checkered tabletops, the counter made from worn aluminum, and the giant mural of a steamboat chugging through a river of barbecue sauce is the only confirmation you need to know that you’ve come to the right place for smoked meat perfection.

The Food

Now that the décor has tipped you off to being in the right spot, it’s time to get down to the important stuff—the food. Steamboat uses fresh-cut hickory wood to smoke everything from pulled pork to brisket.

They don’t just stop at the smoked meats but complete the menu with unique tasty sides such as mac-n-cheese bites and Cajun fried pickles.

If you’re a sauce lover, Steamboat’s got you covered with their eight signature sauces. For something sweet, be sure to try the apple-bourbon sauce. If you need a little kick, get the firebox hot sauce.

The Take-Away

Whether you’re looking for a spot to grab a delicious lunch solo, or you want a place to enjoy a meal with friends or family, Steamboat BBQ is sure to please. Just be aware that seating is limited, and like all good barbecue places, once the Q’s gone, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get another chance at it.

Steamboat is also a perfect meal to bring home to the family after a long and hectic week. If you’re looking for a new home, consider Carol Stream Crossing Apartments. One of the many great things about Carol Stream Crossing is that it’s only a short drive to Steamboat and many other amazing restaurants.

The next time you’re in the neighborhood for some barbecue, stop by or contact us for a tour. We’d be happy to show you around.

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