Earth-Friendly Flicks

Earth Day is a time to be mindful of environmental concerns: global warming, environmental degradation, energy conservation and green living. In addition, April is officially Earth Month.

You can get some environmentally friendly inspiration or gain more knowledge about Earth Day by staying in at Preserve at Carol Stream Apartments and popping in one of these eco-friendly flicks. There are many movies that combine a valuable message with a good story and great special effects. Here are a couple recommendations.

1) WALL-E is a charming movie set in a dystopian future. The earth has become, literally, full of junk. So full of junk that it’s uninhabitable, and the human population circles the universe in space ships because there is no land where living is possible. The opening shots, where cities are like gigantic lots of rusted cars and other debris, is a cautionary tale in itself.

But WALL-E succeeds as a lovely fable partly because WALL-E is so cute. He’s a robot programmed to clean up the earth, so has been moving junk from one place to another for decades, with no one around. One day, though, he spies a plant. The Earth is being reborn.

The orbiting spaceships also realize that the Earth is regenerating itself. They send down another robot, EVE, to analyze the plant. EVE and WALL-E fall in love, bring the plant back to the spaceships, and thwart a revolt. Eventually, the robots and the humans unite to bring the Earth back to life.

2) The Kevin Costner vehicle Waterworld envisions a future where global warming has caused the ice caps to melt. It was widely panned when it was released in the mid 1990s. Still worth seeing for environmental imaginings, though.

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