Community Recycling Event

Old Jack-O-Lanterns ready for proper recycling and composting

Recycling is a great way to save resources and reduce your imprint on this fragile planet. Did you know that it is illegal in the state of Illinois to dispose of electronics in the general landfill? And did you know the best way to dispose of your jack-o-lantern after Halloween is to compost it? Yes, there is a proper way to recycle just about everything and the Village of Carol Stream is ready to help.


Electronics Recycling Collection

The Water Reclamation Center will be holding an electronics collection on Saturday, November 4th. If you’d like to participate, just bring your broken toaster, old hair dryers, VCRs, etc. to the Water Reclamation Center between 8am and noon. Most recycling is free, however, there are small fees for flat screen monitors of various sizes. Consult the event flyer for specific prices and further details.


Chuck that Old Pumpkin

In honor of the season, the Water Reclamation Center will also be collecting old pumpkins for composting. Discarded pumpkins that end up in landfills can increase methane levels and deprive fertile soil of those rich, rotting nutrients. It may be tempting to toss that jack-o-lantern in the trash, but save it until November 4th! For the sake of the planet, take it to the recycling and composting event.

Although this event is open to non-residents, locals will find the Water Reclamation site particularly convenient and will enjoy taking advantage of both these unique recycling opportunities in one quick trip.


It is so easy to live a healthy, low impact lifestyle whilst residing in Carol Stream. The Village of Carol Stream is an environmentally proactive area that supports residents’ efforts to lessen their impact on the planet. If you enjoy this conscientious, caring style of community, visit us at Carol Stream CrossingContact us today to schedule a tour.

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