3 Essential Things You Need to Have a Great Barbecue

Planning on barbecuing at our Carol Stream apartments this spring and summer? Then check out a few good barbecue tips for making your barbecue one friends and family will talk about for weeks to come.

  • Begin with a clean grill: If the grill isn’t clean, the food isn’t going to taste all that great. Remember to clean your grill thoroughly before you get started, as old ashes can get in the way of proper air circulation. Cooked-on food bits will also get in the way of grilled deliciousness.
  • Dealing with flare-ups: Lower the possibility of flare-ups by keeping the grill level high. Although a few flare-ups are a natural part of the grill process, keeping your grill raised means the fire won’t singe your meat and veggies. Also remember to use meat that features less fat, as dripping fat is generally the reason flare-ups occur.
  • Don’t cook cold meat: Ensure your meat is room temperature before throwing it on the grill. Attempting to grill cold meat will result in burnt outer pieces while the inside is still somewhat frozen.

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